CBD for PTSD – Natural Ways To Combat PTSD

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the natural compounds from the cannabis plant. Studies have shown that it helps to reduce and manage symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in both edible and topical forms. Read how CDD for PTSD has been scientifically proven to work as a natural remedy.

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CBD for PTSD and Other Treatments

What is PTSD?

PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder is a type of anxiety disorder (AD). It’s usually caused by a specific scary or threatening event that shocks the person so much that they can suffer from negative psychological symptoms short term or long term. 

Those with PTSD can continuously relive the event, or the memory can be wiped. The unpleasant emotions can essentially carry on with other symptoms like flashbacks, low self-esteem, nightmares, anger, frightening thoughts, avoidance problems, and sleep deprivation.

When you have PTSD, you might feel like you’ll never get back to your old self, but the disorder can be treated. Psychotherapy and medications are two of the most effective ways to treat PTSD, especially when combined. However, there are also more natural remedies that can be applied without any adverse side effects. 

We want to add at this point; if you think you are suffering from PTSD or any other anxiety disorder, you should seek advice from a medical professional to discuss treatment options.



As governments are deeming CBD fit for medical or recreational consumption, improved understanding and scientific studies are boosting CBDs popularity. For several years CBD (cannabidiol) has been considered as a treatment for people with PTSD. 

What Is the Endocannabinoid System?

CBD has the potential to help you maintain good health by assisting your body in regulating homeostasis through the endocannabinoid (ECS) system. 

Hemp plants contain CBD (plant cannabinoid molecules) and are thought to explain the potential therapeutic effects of CBD on the human endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) has two known receptors:

  • CB1 – primarily located in the brain and nervous system.
  • CB2 – primarily in the immune and digestive tissue.

ECS has a significant influence on:

  • Reducing Inflammation 
  • Controlling Anxiety
  • Controlling Appetite 
  • Controlling Sleep Cycles
  • Reducing Stress


A 2016 study looked at the endocannabinoid system, which includes CBD receptors and drugs that actively reduced the symptoms that a person with PTSD experiences after a memory extinction procedure. 

A 2019 study examined the effect of CBD on patients with PTSD. The eight-week study found that 91% of patients experienced a decrease in symptom severity, and no patients discontinued treatment because of any side effects. CBD also offered relief to PTSD patients who suffered from nightmares regularly. 

Other tests have also shown that CBD reduces the intensity and frequency of panic attacks without suppressing the patient’s emotions. 

Better Sleep 

Waking up feeling well-rested is very important for your mental health. Consider a natural option such as CBD oil to help you de-stress. If taken before bed, you may find you sleep better and wake up feeling focused and calmer. CBD is derived from hemp and will not get you ‘high’ as it only contains trace amounts of THC, the compound in marijuana that causes the ‘high.’

If you’re considering taking CBD for the first time, read our guide for all you need to know about CBD and doses.

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Other Natural Ways to Combat PTSD


Most forms of psychological treatments help people to change the thought patterns that are disrupting their life. Some standard therapies include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) – the most common type of therapy for people with PTSD, 
  • Family therapy – this is a group therapy that helps people with PTSD talk through their thoughts and problems with their families.
  • Prolonged exposure therapy – helps people confront the traumatic event.
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) – involves making side-to-side eye movements while recalling the traumatic incident. 

Relaxation Techniques

By utilizing these techniques, traditional therapies can be complemented: 

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Breathing
  • Massage

Healthy Diet

Eating healthy and avoiding bad foods is not just essential for maintaining good health; various studies have proved that there is a link between diet and gut health and anxiety disorders.

In summary, anyone with AD or PTSD should:

  • Eat three meals a day – maintaining energy levels throughout the day and increasing complex carbohydrates.
  • Consume nutritional food and not processed food – omega3, natural sugars over refined sugars, increasing fruit and vegetables, avoiding soda, and fast food. 
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs.


It is vital to look after your physical health. Exercising regularly is proven to reduce stress, and taking an intensive class can help burn off any excess adrenaline.

There is accumulating evidence to suggest that aerobic exercise serves as an effective treatment for people who have PTSD.

There are so many ways that people with PTSD and other ADs can reduce negative symptoms through natural therapies and lifestyle choices. As well as those mentioned above, increasing activity levels and engaging in positive and rewarding activities and relationships can help people live a meaningful life. 


It is vital that you only buy CBD products from a reputable company. CBD production is currently unregulated, and therefore you might unknowingly consume a product with high THC levels. All our CBD products are organically farmed, and independently third-party batch tested. Every package comes with a unique QR-Code to tell you everything you need to know about your CBD product.

Have you used CBD products yet? Have you tried CBD for PTSD? Comment below and tell us your story.


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