Sleep Better With These 6 Tips

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In This Article

It’s not unusual to experience an occasional period when you’re not sleeping well. However, in the long term, it can affect your quality of life. We look at 6 tips, including CBD for sleep, to help you sleep better and wake up ready to face the day.

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In this article:

  1. What Prevents You Sleeping
  2. Where You Sleep
  3. When You Sleep
  4. Improve Daily Habits to Improve Sleep
  5. CBD for Sleep
  6. Good To Know


What Prevents You Sleeping

  • Stress: If you’re anxious, it can be difficult to sleep.
  • Environment: Your bedroom should be a relaxing environment.
  • Routine: You should go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.


Where You Sleep

If you’ve enjoyed a good nights’ sleep in a hotel, that’s because hotels work hard to create a relaxing environment. Your bedroom does not need to be hotel quality, but it should be a calm environment that allows you to relax.

Here are some of the ways you can improve your bedroom:

  • Treat yourself to quality bed linen. Cotton sheets are breathable and prevent you from overheating.
  • Keep your room clean and your bedding fresh. 
  • The temperature of your bedroom is important. If you overheat, you won’t sleep well. 
  • Light can disrupt your sleep. If you wake easily, blackout blinds can help.
  • Earplugs can help block out any noise. 


When You Sleep

Everyone enjoys the occasional late night or lie-in, but you should work to establish a regular sleep pattern in general.

Like your diet, adequate sleep relies on good habits. Some of us have good sleep habits, but some of us are guilty of going to bed at different times every night.

You need to dispense with distractions and allow yourself time to sleep for 7-8 hours each night. 

Rememberer the energy you had as a child when you had a fixed bedtime? It would be best if you allowed your body to establish the habit of falling asleep at the same time every night. This means switching off all devices 30 minutes before bedtime.

If you miss sleep, you may start napping. While it’s possible to take a short nap (20 minutes) to revive yourself, longer naps can prevent you from falling asleep later that night.


Improve Daily Habits to Improve Sleep


Your circadian rhythm is an internal clock that reacts to daylight. Getting light in the morning, or going outside on your lunch break, can improve your alertness and sleep pattern. 

Depending on your geography, it can be challenging to enjoy sunlight in the winter months. Medical lightboxes that imitate sunlight are available and can help prevent tiredness in darker months.


Movement is essential; your body was not designed to sit all day. 

A daily walk can help you sleep better. Even a 20minute walk is proven to aid mental and physical health. Taking the stairs at work or getting off public transport one stop earlier will count towards better sleep.


Don’t be tempted to drink coffee late in the day; it will keep you awake. 

Your Bed Is for Sleeping In

Devices have become portable, and Wi-Fi is in most homes. The bad habit of scrolling through social media while sitting in your bed is commonplace. Your brain needs to establish the link between your bed and sleep. 


CBD for Sleep

CBD may assist you in establishing a good sleep routine. Many people take CBD to help them relax before bedtime. 

CBD has been shown to help with both falling asleep and staying asleep. A study of 70 participants who suffered from insomnia showed an improved sleep cycle during one month of taking a 25ml CBD capsule daily. Those who found it difficult to stay asleep took it at night; those who suffered insomnia due to anxiety found it was more effective when taken in the morning. 

It’s not fully understood how CBD for sleep can help as studies are ongoing. It’s thought that it helps reduce any anxiety you may be experiencing. It’s also popular for managing inflammation by both athletes and seniors, which may help with a good night’s sleep. 

Unlike over the counter drugs, CBD is very likely to affect your health with minimal side effects positively. 


Good to Know

If your disrupted sleep pattern is disturbing your daytime activity for more than 3 weeks, you should discuss this with your doctor or a healthcare professional. 

Never drive if you feel drowsy. 

Please Note: If you are currently taking any medications, discuss with your doctor before taking any CBD product as it may interact with your medicine.

Disrupted sleep is a common problem we all face from time to time. We hope these 6 tips will help you sleep better. 

Our team at BuyCBDProducts can answer any of your queries about CBD. 


Have you tried CBD for sleep? Comment below and tell us your story.

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