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Our Premium CBD oils are available in multiple strengths, starting at 500 mg all the way up to 5000 mg. We also offer CBD oils in Natural, Mint and Vanilla flavours.

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Cannabidiol Oil Information

CBD oil is a very popular way of taking CBD . We offer eight different strengths and flavors from Natural, Mint and Vanilla to 500 mg 1500 mg 3000 mg and 5000 mg.

Why use our products?

All products on our site are tested by a third-party laboratory, with test results uploaded to the unique packaging details of each product we ship. Testing is conducted on a per-batch basis to ensure quality and efficacy (not once and show that result for 1-2 years)

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What is CBD oil?
CBD oil is the purified product resulting from the extraction of cannabidiol from the cannabis plant. Cannabis plants have more than 100 different cannabinoids. The two with the greatest presence are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). THC has psychoactive properties, but CBD does not. THC content of 0.3% or less is required for a CBD oil to be considered pure. CBD oils are extracted using different extraction techniques. Extraction through CO2 or olive oil is preferable, so manufacturers that are truly concerned with purity will use one of these procedures since other extraction methods can leave unwanted compounds in the final product.
What is the best CBD oil?
The best CBD oils are made by companies that disclose all of their ingredients and manufacturing methods. All legitimate products include documentation showing third-party testing results. Full-spectrum, THC-free oils that include a variety of cannabinoids are generally recognized as the best products available.
Does CBD oil work for dogs?
According to the American Kennel club, many dog owners have offered anecdotal evidence that CBD oil is effective. Claims include a reduction in anxiety, relieving seizures, an increase in sleeping time, and overall pain reduction. If you choose to try CBD oil for your dog, we recommend consulting your veterinarian.
What are the benefits of CBD oil?
Proponents of CBD argue that its benefits can include pain relief, reducing depression and anxiety, and improving sleep. Although FDA approval has not yet been obtained, CBD has shown great promise when used to combat the side effects of cancer treatment, epilepsy, and acne. CBD oil users have also reported a noticeable effect on the libido. Glaucoma patients claim that CBD oil can reduce the pressure in the eyes.
Is it legal to sell CBD oil online?
It is legal to sell CBD oil online if THC levels are less than 0.3%. Many oils found online are hemp seed oils to stay within FDA laws that don't allow it to be a part of interstate commerce. Due to the differences between state laws, ordering CBD online may result in having it shipped through a state where it is illegal en route to its destination in a state where it is legal. Therefore, CBD oil that is sold online must be within the restrictions set by the FDA.
What is the best CBD oil for pain?
Pain relief is one of the number one reasons that many people use CBD oil. Oils that are in a topical form for muscle pain—such as creams and balms—are a good way to get CBD oil to the painful area you wish to treat.
Whats the best CBD vape oil?
A naturally-processed, full-spectrum, organic CBD vape oil is always best. There should be no propylene glycol, and lab results should show this. If you are unsure about your dosage, there are several different types of disposable vape pens that come pre-loaded with CBD.
What strength is the best when I buy CBD oil?
The strength depends on many factors, such as what you are taking it for. The strength is directly correlated to the size of the dose you take, so you should follow dosage recommendations listed on your product packaging. Until you are certain of how CBD oil affects you and have made sure that there are no side effects, you should keep your dosage on the low side. If, after three days, you see no negative effects, you should be able to safely increase your dosage. Remember that there are no psychoactive effects in CBD products, so the results you experience may include pain relief, an increase in sleep quality, a decrease in anxiety and depression, a raised libido, and other positive results.
Whats the best CBD oil for anxiety?
For anxiety and other mental health purposes, CBD oil ingested through an edible or a vape device is the method that works best. Be sure to look for oils with lab results showing there is no THC or heavy metals left over after the oil is processed.
What does it mean for CBD oil to be ‘full spectrum’?
Full-spectrum CBD oil contains a variety of cannabinoids and other compounds from the initial strain. The cannabinoids are then mixed with one or several other substances that might include proteins, fatty acid, fiber, flavonoids, chlorophyll and terpenes. Full-spectrum CBD oil can be used to treat a wider variety of symptoms due to its many components. If you are looking for a more specialized strain-specific type, we suggest looking at a CBD isolate oil.
What are CBD oil side effects?
Although using CBD oil rarely results in side-effects; some people do show allergies to it. Common side-effects include nausea, vomiting, hives, dizziness, and fatigue. There are also reports of dry mouth, increased appetite and irritability. CBD oil should not be used if you are taking prescription medication. Many prescription medications will have negative reactions to certain antibiotics and other types of medication. Until you have spoken to your medical provider, it is best to not start a CBD regimen. To date, there has never been a recorded death related to the use of CBD.
What's the best CBD oil dosage?
There are numerous factors involved in determining the right CBD dosage. For example, what health issues do you have? How serious is the situation? Your weigh, tolerance, metabolism, and diet should also be considered. The potency and the quality of the CBD oil is also a factor. Next, you should consider how you plan to introduce CBD into your body. Healthline provides general dosage suggestions and guidance in calculating your proper dosage, and you should always check the packaging.
Is CBD oil legal?
It is legal to purchase and consume hemp-derived CBD in all 50 states.
What is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil?
The primary difference between hemp oil and CBD oil is that hemp oil is made from the seeds of the hemp plant. CBD is made from the bud, flower, stems, and leaves of the cannabis plant. Both hemp and CBD are non-psychoactive substances. Hemp oil has a single-use as a topical application for skin health, whereas CBD oil has uses far beyond that. CBD oil can be delivered to consumers through a tincture, edible product, balm or cream, or dietary supplement.
How do you use CBD oil?
When CBD is in its oil form, it is usually taken sublingually, which is a fancy way of saying under the tongue. A few drops allow for rapid absorption into the bloodstream. The oil can be converted into e-cig vape juice, added to butter for baking, or you can purchase it in one of its many other popular forms.
Does CBD oil work for cats?
PetMD has reported that while CBD oil is not FDA-approved for cats, several holistic veterinary practices have incorporated it into their treatment. Reports suggest that CBD can lower a cat's anxiety, help alleviate pain, and decrease inflammation. Some side effects that have been observed by some pet owners, such as gastrointestinal distress like diarrhea, constipation, or vomiting. If you do choose to feed your cat CBD oil, be very careful with the dosages you are giving them.
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