How Fast Is CBD Absorbed into the Body?

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Are you considering trying cannabidiol (CBD) and experiencing the potential benefits it may deliver? Cannabidiol is derived from the cannabis plant, which means it comes from a natural source. You can choose between a wide range of products and consumption methods, depending on your preference.

The way in which you consume CBD affects how it will interact with your body. That means the consumption method influences how quickly your body absorbs CBD, as well as how long its effects last.

So, how fast is CBD absorbed by the human body? We will discuss how it interacts with humans, and talk about the differences between various consumption methods.

How Does CBD Interact with the Human Body?

Scientists didn’t have much interest in cannabidiol until a couple of decades ago. Many studies have been launched recently to analyze CBD, its functioning mechanism, and its potential benefits. However, we are still waiting for scientists to fully understand the way in which cannabidiol interacts with the human body.

CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). Each human body has this inner system that contains cannabinoid receptors. CBD interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors.

THC also interacts with these receptors, but unlike CBD this cannabinoid has psychoactive properties. CBD does not induce a psychoactive effect and has a positive influence on CB1 and CB2 receptors.

CBD interacts with the ECS to minimize or prevent anandamide absorption. This is important because anandamide is a cannabinoid molecule that helps regulate pain. According to some studies, cannabidiol works with alpha-3 glycine receptors, which is why it may have potential to decrease or eliminate pain caused by chronic inflammation and other factors.

It is believed that CBD also affects receptors outside of the ECS, including TRPV1 (vanilloid receptor) and 5-HT1A (serotonin receptor). These receptors are associated with pain relief and fighting inflammation.

Although cannabidiol primarily interacts with the ECS, it moves through the entire body and delivers potential benefits based on many different factors. We will analyze these factors in the following paragraphs so that you can get a better idea of how fast CBD is absorbed into the body.

How Can You Absorb CBD Oil?

There are four primary CBD consumption methods available:

  • Sublingual
  • Ingestion
  • Inhalation
  • Topical

The choice depends on your preference, and the selected method will affect CBD absorption and effectiveness. Take a look at the details related to every consumption method so you can make an educated decision.

How Fast is CBD Absorbed When Ingested?

Oral ingestion is the most popular way of consuming CBD for users around the world. Many people prefer consuming CBD instead of going through the trouble of putting the oil under their tongue.

A wide variety of consumables are available. If you are a fan of cookies and sweets, you will find an extensive selection of such edibles infused with CBD. You can even try cocktails and other beverages, as well as energy bars. You can even add CBD oil to any food you are preparing.

Once you ingest CBD, it first enters the digestive tract and then enters the liver. From there, the liver metabolizes its compounds and sends the remaining concentration into the bloodstream to move through the body. The entire process can take up to a couple of hours, which is why it usually takes at least 60 minutes to experience the first effects of ingesting CBD.

How Fast is CBD Absorbed Sublingually?

As the word suggests, the sublingual method involves placing CBD oil under your tongue. Although the quantity depends on the specific product, a single full dropper is usually a good dose to start with.

The main advantage of using CBD sublingually is how quickly it is absorbed. Taking CBD under the tongue allows it to bypass the metabolization process, which means CBD goes straight into the bloodstream. As a result, it only takes minutes to experience the first effects of the sublingual method.

When compared to edibles, not many people are fans of this way of consuming CBD. That is because some don’t like the feeling of placing CBD oil under the tongue, and others complain about it not being the most discreet methods of using cannabidiol. Some users do not enjoy the earthy taste, which is why we recommend a flavored CBD tincture, such as mint or vanilla.

How Fast is CBD Absorbed Through Inhalation?

The next method that needs to be discussed is inhalation, which we can split into two different subcategories. The first one is smoking CBD, and the alternative is vaping it. Vaping seems to be more popular since it is viewed as being a “cleaner” method. However, you will need additional vaping equipment, which might increase the overall cost.

Whether you choose to vape or smoke, you ensure quick CBD absorption. Inhalation delivers the cannabidiol directly into the lungs and straight on to the bloodstream, so it shouldn’t take more than several minutes to experience the effects of inhalation.

How Fast is CBD Absorbed Topically?

Apart from these methods, you can also try a topical application of CBD. That way, you use the transdermal method of applying the compound. This simply involves using a CBD cream or lotion and applying it directly to your skin.

Once you apply CBD, it interacts with the receptors in that area. The absorption should be fairly quick, with the first potential effects felt in a couple of minutes. The downside of topical application is that it primarily focuses on the area where it is applied, which means it won’t affect your entire system.

How to Adjust CBD Dosage Based on Your Needs

The rate at which CBD is absorbed into your body goes hand in hand with your dosage. If your body absorbs it slowly, for example, you may need to use a higher dose to feel the desired effects.  Although there are some general recommendations for dosage, the exact dose varies from person to person.

Here is an overview of the factors that might affect how fast CBD is absorbed and the dose you need to take:

  • Bodyweight – the primary thing to consider is your body fat. The bigger your mass is, the more cannabidiol you might need to experience its potential benefits.
  • Metabolism – each of us has a different metabolic rate, which can affect how much time CBD will it take for our body to break down and synthesize cannabidiol components. Metabolism also affects how long it takes for the body to eliminate CBD from its system.
  • How often you use CBD – you should read the instructions related to your particular product and follow the guidelines specified there. How frequently you use CBD will depend on the product type, consumption method, and other specifics.
  • CBD quality – the market is becoming increasingly regulated, but you should still be careful to ensure that you get high-quality CBD oil. It can be of different purity, and the amount in edibles and other products might also vary.

Does Absorbed CBD Ever Leave Your System?

Now that we have covered CBD absorption, you might be wondering how fast it leaves your system. This will generally depend on the consumption method. For example, if you are smoking CBD, it might take up to three days for it to completely leave the system.

For comparison’s sake, it only takes several minutes to experience the potential benefits after inhaling CBD, and it takes 72 hours for it to leave the body. However, this largely depends on the individual. You can find users who report there was no detectable CBD in their blood six hours after ingesting it.

Why should you care how long CBD stays in your system? You might be worried about a drug test, especially if you are an athlete. However, it is important to mention that the World Anti-Doping Agency doesn’t prohibit cannabidiol.

That means you can freely use CBD oil in many sports leagues, but it is important to consider that CBD products often contain THC and its variations, too. THC is a prohibited cannabinoid and ingesting it might result in a positive test. As such, it is important for athletes to use high-quality CBD items with no or extremely low THC quantity.

The same rule applies to tests conducted outside of sports. Most tests that employers conduct on their workers screen for THC and its variants, not for CBD. The new Farm Bill makes all hemp-derived products, including CBD, legal on a federal level, with the only condition being that THC quantity shouldn’t exceed 0.3%.

If you are ready to give CBD a try, pick a consumption method, browse the products we have to offer, and give CBD a shot!

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