How Vocal Coaches are Using CBD to Help Singers

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Everyone recognizes the perks that can come with world-renowned musical fame. From the standpoint of some fans, their favorite performers are leading the perfect lives. They get to go on world tours, wear expensive clothes and get gadgets for free. They stay in the most luxurious hotels and enjoy some of the best things the world has to offer.

But have you ever stopped to think about the other side of the music industry? Your favorite singers must endure sleepless nights, long travel hours, continual voice and dance rehearsals, plus the pressure of having to perform well on stage.

While many of us don’t recognize these struggles, certain people such as vocal coaches know what’s happening behind the scenes. These coaches are with their singers every step of the way, so they are fully aware of the hurdles that celebrities face, and it is their job to make sure that their star will have the support they need.

Many vocal coaches and their charges have turned to cannabidiol (or CBD) in hopes of finding a way to reach their peak performance level. But what are the potential benefits of CBD for singers? Read on to find out.

Singers and Musicians Who Use CBD Products

As the popularity of CBD continues to rise, more and more industries such as the music industry are opening up to its use. Many musicians and singers are slowly incorporating the use of CBD products into their daily regimen or as a part of their rehearsal routines.


Who are some of the musicians that believe in using cannabidiol? Here are some of the biggest names looking to reap the potential benefits of CBD for singers:

Barbara Streisand

Many artists have become addicted to booze and pills, but the queen of Broadway musicals, pop, and jazz is an exception. The famous singer never liked the taste of alcohol or the idea of taking drugs—even something as basic as aspirin.


But one thing she is known for is her love for smoking marijuana. Recently, though, she has found a healthier compound: CBD.

Olivia Newton-John

The legendary Grease star has been very vocal about how much she thinks CBD helped her fight and manage the symptoms of her ailments. She has already undergone breast reconstruction and partial mastectomy surgery. In addition to these surgeries, she also uses complementary treatments like acupuncture, herbal medication, and CBD oil. According to her, she uses CBD oil primarily for managing the pain that she has been experiencing.


Rihanna is another famous singer that believes in CBD oil. Despite being publicly criticized for it, she has always been open about how much she loves marijuana and is an avid advocate for widening the legislation of its use. She is now a firm promoter of CBD for singers and incorporates CBD into her daily beauty routine.

Jared Leto

The 30 Seconds to Mars singer has bid his drug-filled youth goodbye and now claims to be “straight-edge.” According to him, he has incorporated CBD into his natural whole-food, alcohol-free diet, which he claims is the reason why he looks young, healthy, and full of life.

Mandy Moore

Aching feet is another problem musicians face, especially since female performers are often expected to wear heels while performing on stage or walking down the red carpet. The American singer, songwriter, and actress Mandy Moore stated that she plans on using CBD oil to soothe her aching feet for the Golden Globes. According to celeb stylist Karla Welch, this is one method that a lot of celebrities are using to manage foot pain.

Singers and Laryngitis (and How CBD Might Help)

You might be wondering what kind of condition singers usually experience that CBD products might help in managing.

When you sing, the vocal cords vibrate hundreds of times per second, which creates that pleasant tone that we all love to hear. Many singers practice almost every day and perform hundreds or even thousands of times a year. This may result in an overused larynx and could lead to it being irritated, infected, and inflamed.

The inflammation of the voice box is called laryngitis. It is characterized by voice hoarseness or even loss of voice. Other signs and symptoms include dry cough, dry throat, headache, mild fever, sore throat, and pain when swallowing. For obvious reasons, laryngitis negatively impacts singers. This is most especially true if they have an upcoming performance to prepare for.

While it is true that laryngitis usually goes away on its own, it may take a few days. Professional singers do not have the luxury of time to wait for it to go away, and are always on the lookout for ways that they can speed up their recovery.

This is one of the conditions that CBD may help address. Studies are being conducted to explore the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. This cannabinoid is said to bind to CB2 receptors, which may help regulate the body’s immune system and help control inflammation. The bond between the receptor and CBD is known to trigger the release of caspase, a type of anti-inflammatory protein in the body.

Inflammation and infection of the voice box may also cause pain and can be extremely difficult for the performer. Other studies are exploring the possible pain-regulating properties of CBD. The cannabinoid acts on the body’s endocannabinoid system (or ECS). Among a lot of other roles, the ECS helps regulate various bodily functions, one of which is pain.

Aside from laryngitis, the potential anti-inflammatory and pain-regulating properties of CBD may also be useful in managing other singing-related conditions like strained voice and vocal polyps. Finally, the potential properties of CBD may also be helpful for tendonitis problems that many musicians suffer from.

CBD For Singers: Other Potential Benefits You Need to Know

Aside from its potential anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits, studies are exploring other potential benefits that CBD may provide musicians and singers.

CBD may help manage performance anxiety.

One claim under investigation is CBD’s potential calming effects. Regardless of how long they have been performing, and how many times they have done it, it is still perfectly normal for singers to experience performance anxiety before they go on stage.

Unfortunately, the more they think about it, the higher the chance the anxiety will ruin their performance. The best way to avoid that is to find a way to manage the worry that they are feeling. CBD is believed to stimulate the neural regeneration and neurotransmitter systems that are responsible for managing stress and anxiety. It is also said to specifically bind to 5-HT1A, a receptor that plays a crucial role in managing different anxiety disorders. It is important to note, though, that the FDA has not yet specifically approved CBD as an anxiety treatment.

CBD may help boost energy levels.

The energy levels of musicians can be negatively impacted by their long hours of travel, sleepless nights, and jam-packed days. However, they need their energy levels to be as high as possible to make sure that they give their fans the performance that they deserve.


Studies have been conducted to explore the potential energy-boosting effects of CBD. It is hypothesized that CBD may act on the mitochondria (known to be the cells’ powerhouse), boosting its activity and increasing the calories burned. The regulation of the body’s metabolism may bring back balance to the body’s sugar levels and prevent energy fluctuation. The stimulation of mitochondria may also boost the cells’ energy levels and keep them active throughout the day. This cannabinoid is also believed to act on or bind to the 5-HT1A receptor, which may also regulate energy levels and prevent them from declining.

Final Thoughts on CBD for Singers

Legislation concerning the use of CBD is slowly becoming more prevalent. However, please keep in mind that there are still plenty of states and countries that have not yet legalized the use of this substance.

As a musician, you may be intrigued by the potential benefits of CBD for singers, but it is your responsibility to make sure that you are not breaking any rules when you incorporate CBD in your regimen. Moreover, it would help if you prioritize your health above all. It is recommended that you consult with a medical expert first before taking any CBD products or supplements to make sure that it will not interact with your medications or have adverse effects on pre-existing medical conditions.


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