10 Popular CBD Products

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CBD has grown in popularity and is now a thriving industry. But if you are new to CBD, how do you decide which product is right for you? We list 10 of the most popular CBD products available now. 

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Oral CBD Products

Oral CBD products are the original CBD product and are still hugely popular. Applied under the tongue, they are quickly effective as the mucus membranes absorb the CBD under your tongue. 

CBD Oil Tincture

CBD oil tincture is suspended in a carrier oil such as MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides), which are fats that are naturally found in coconut oil. 

To use CBD Oil tinctures, apply the correct dose from your dropper under your tongue and hold for a few seconds to give the oil time to be absorbed. Then swallow the remaining oil. The absorbed CBD will travel directly to your bloodstream. 

CBD Sprays

Sprays are designed to both freshen breath and apply a dose of CBD simultaneously and usually flavored with oils and MCT such as menthol and peppermint essential oils. 

To use simply spray in your mouth when needed. As always, monitor your dose to prevent taking too much CBD. 


Edible CBD Products

Edible CBD Products are not as effective as the oil as they need to pass through the digestive system, but you can gradually increase your dose. 


CBD Capsules are a very popular option. Each capsule contains a fixed dose of CBD and is broken down in your digestive system. 

Similar to other oil-based capsules, you swallow the capsule whole. 

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies are a candy that is enriched with CBD. These are a popular option as the dose is fixed in each candy. 


Enriched CBD Food Products

Some people like to take CBD once a day in a fixed-dose. However, others like to include CBD into their diet through CBD enriched foods. 

Cooking with CBD oil is not uncommon. As it has become more popular, companies are working to provide ready-made enriched foods to make it easier to make various CBD recipes. 

CBD Coffee

If caffeine has caused you to miss your morning or afternoon pick-me-up coffee, CBD coffee is a great option. 

CBD is thought to offset the issues caffeine can cause, such as increased anxiety or a racing heartbeat. Studies are ongoing, but it’s thought that CBD will not only prevent the negative side-effects of caffeine but may help increase the length of time it remains active in your body. 


Topical CBD Products

CBD Balms 

Topical CBD balms have been found to reduce inflammation. Athletes popularized the use of CBD balms and say it will speed up recovery time, without the need for pain relief medication. 

To use a topical CBD balm, firstly identify the source of your pain. Wash and dry that area of skin, then apply a small dab of balm. It’sIt’s a good idea to start with a small amount of the balm and leave it for two hours to see how your body reacts. You may find you need a top-up of the CBD balm to get the desired relief. 


CBD Skincare Products

Popular skincare enriched with CBD oil:

CBD skincare has become popular as anecdotal reports of CBD’sCBD’s ability to reduce inflammation have grown. While more conclusive studies are needed to understand how CBD could fully improve skin conditions fully, it has become popular for those with inflammatory skin conditions, from acne to psoriasis


CBD Products for Pets 

Dedicated CBD products for pets grew when pet owners wanted to share CBD’sCBD’s benefits with their furry friends. Animals can suffer from anxiety and aches and pains just like we do. CBD for pets is designed to benefit your pet gently. 

CBD Products: Good to Know

It is vital that you only buy CBD products from a reputable company. CBD production is currently unregulated, and therefore you might unknowingly consume a product with high THC levels. All our CBD products are organically farmed, and independently third-party batch tested. Every package comes with a unique QR-Code to tell you everything you need to know about your CBD product.

If you are currently taking any medications, discuss with your doctor before taking any CBD product as it may interact with your medicine. If you have been advised to avoid grapefruit while taking medication, you should not take CBD. 

CBD has the potential to help you maintain good health by assisting your body in regulating homeostasis through the ECS system. We provided a range of products to help you on your journey to good health. 


Do you have a favorite CBD product? Comment below and tell us about how you discovered the benefits of CBD.

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