Jambo Superfoods Butter Oil


Take your morning butter coffee to the next level with our supercharged CBD/MCT Ghee blend!

We wanted to make it easier to make our butter coffee so we combined our three favorite things – ghee from grass-fed cows, MCT Oil and Cannabidiol – the extract from the hemp plant that in recent studies has shown to have mind-blowing regenerative and healing properties.

Make your daily coffee better for your brain and tastier to your tongue with good fats (ghee and MCT). Plan for long-term health with a daily titration of CBDs.

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  • Cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp
  • Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil
  • Ghee from grass-fed dairy cows

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Jambo Superfoods

Jambo Superfoods

Jambo Superfoods makes the world’s highest quality hemp oil CBD products! All natural ingredients, full spectrum hemp, no compromise. Family owned & Made in America For More Information visit Jambo Superfoods HERE Email: support@jambosuperfoods.com Jambo Quality: Lab Tested: Jambo was the first in the industry to publicly publish every lab result. We want you to know exactly what you’re getting and putting in your body. See our latest result. Premium Ingredients: At Jambo we use only the highest quality, natural ingredients, no fillers, no junk, no kidding. Learn More about our quality first mindset.

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100% Organic Hemp, Mindful Practices: Up-to-date certificates of analysis that show the source material is free of contaminants, pesticides, heavy metals and/or up-to-date organic certification documents. Proof of origin through various means of national and international certification.


We require these brands to communicate with us their choice of “company charity” and relationship to that charity. To earn this badge they must openly state on their website that they make donations to a specific organization or have a “compassionate care” program, for disabled vets, or children who suffer from severe conditions that may benefit from using cbd.


1) Full and up to date certificates of analysis for source materials as well as for specific batches. We should not be selling products with COAs from a “batch of source” material tested a year ago. 2) COAs must test negative for: heavy metals, residual solvents, microbial and fungal contaminations, and THC showing under the farm bill limit (generally >0.3%).


To qualify for this badge we require them to have one one of the following 1) using some form of advanced cultivating systems or state of the art monitoring environmental technology for indoor operations. 2) Utilize advanced extraction systems. 3) offer applications that increase bioavailability, such as nano, liposomal, water-soluble/microencapsulated cbd. 4) Blend terpenes, botanicals, and or nutraceutical ingredients.


Having a compelling mission or vision statement, demonstrating service of goodwill to customers and the planet.Each badge earned is worth one star or point.

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