Sol CBD Liposomal


This breakthrough technology allows us to transport CBD into your cells more efficiently than ever. Allowing you to feel the difference faster at a lower dose! It comes in a delicious orange twist flavor.

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Product benefits

CBD has many studies that show possibility in helping:

Boost Immune Function* Protect The Body* Reduce Inflammation* Improve Quality Of Sleep* Optimize Brain Health* Lower Anxiety*SAFE, NATURAL, EFFECTIVE FORMULATION
SOL*CBD is dedicated to the exclusive use of safe processing technologies. Because of the incredible challenges and the high cost of making this product it can be tempting for manufacturers to take potentially harmful shortcuts to lower their costs and shorten the amount of time taken to bring new products to market.

These shortcuts can also arise as a result of outsourcing product formulation and manufacturing to 3rd parties who may convince you that the shortcuts they take “are the industry standard and nothing to be worried about.”

At SOL✿CBD, we fully understand these pressures but are opposed to taking such shortcuts when it comes to creating products.

Unlike some of our competitors, our liposomal products do not contain:Isolated/Synthetic Cannabinoids Soy or Egg-derived phospholipids Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Ethanol and other harmful solvents Propylene Glycol Artificial Flavors or Sweeteners Misleading labelingIf it can’t be picked off a tree or squeezed out of a plant, we’re not interested. Another shortcut we object to is using isolated cannabinoids or overly processed oils lacking the full complement of synergistic nutrients. Research has proven time and again that whole plant beats isolates.
SOL*CBD makes none of these compromises and for the sake of your health, we hope you won’t either.

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Sol Cbd


This great company is owned by an amazing couple, Oksana and Larry, they have been working hard as natural health advocates for over 8 years. They run a number of health and personal development blogs aimed at educating people and raising awareness about the most effective ways of upgrading people’s lives. We also coach people on attaining optimal health. They do there best to remove dogma from our beliefs and remain open. Believing this has served them well in finding powerful tools to help people like yourself and your families cut through the noise and confusion. They are beyond excited to be on the cutting edge of this emerging industry, committing to creating the best CBD products that many are absolutely in love with. Through passion and purpose, SOLCBD was born. Their goal is to not only sift through the clutter and bring you the most accurate and helpful information possible, but also bring you the best cannabidiol products. That’s why they are very proud to offer the best CBD products. They believe that science is one of their biggest ally, and thus our goal is to constantly improve and innovate. They are committed to providing you with exceptional customer service and support, so you have everything you need in regards to cannabidiol products. If you ever have questions or concerns about your products or your order, we’ll work to resolve them as quickly as possible at no cost to you. It’s our personal guarantee that we will do whatever it takes to make you happy. We invite you to become one of the many people who continue to trust them to provide you with their Cannabidiol products.

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100% Organic Hemp, Mindful Practices: Up-to-date certificates of analysis that show the source material is free of contaminants, pesticides, heavy metals and/or up-to-date organic certification documents. Proof of origin through various means of national and international certification.


We require these brands to communicate with us their choice of “company charity” and relationship to that charity. To earn this badge they must openly state on their website that they make donations to a specific organization or have a “compassionate care” program, for disabled vets, or children who suffer from severe conditions that may benefit from using cbd.


1) Full and up to date certificates of analysis for source materials as well as for specific batches. We should not be selling products with COAs from a “batch of source” material tested a year ago. 2) COAs must test negative for: heavy metals, residual solvents, microbial and fungal contaminations, and THC showing under the farm bill limit (generally >0.3%).


To qualify for this badge we require them to have one one of the following 1) using some form of advanced cultivating systems or state of the art monitoring environmental technology for indoor operations. 2) Utilize advanced extraction systems. 3) offer applications that increase bioavailability, such as nano, liposomal, water-soluble/microencapsulated cbd. 4) Blend terpenes, botanicals, and or nutraceutical ingredients.


Having a compelling mission or vision statement, demonstrating service of goodwill to customers and the planet.Each badge earned is worth one star or point.

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