Should You Buy Natural CBD or Flavored CBD?

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The market for CBD products has grown significantly over the last couple of years. CBD oils are now available not only in the classic oil form but also in creams, edibles, balms, etc. Still, generic CBD oil is the overall customer favorite.

Some users believe that the higher CBD concentration in pure oil brings more benefits. Others just like the ease of use and simplicity of it.

Even if you have decided that CBD oils are your product of choice, there are still multiple varieties to choose from. Following is some guidance on how to choose between natural or flavored CBD oil as the most suitable option for you.

How Are CBD Oils Produced?

CBD oils are a natural product. While the end product may differ in taste and odor, the base is generally the same for all varieties.

CBD oils are normally produced via CO2 extraction. The phytochemicals from the cannabis sativa plant are extracted using pressurized carbon dioxide. This process usually doesn’t use any solvents or heat and so it does not damage any essential components. This allows for all naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and waxes to remain in the extracted oil.

After extraction, the CBD oil is ready for the users who prefer its pure and natural form. To satisfy the needs of those who do not like the natural taste of the oil, manufacturers can add an additional step to flavor it. Reputable companies include only organic flavors by cold pressing the desired ingredient, i.e. mint, vanilla, citrus, etc. This additional process extracts the aromatic and natural oils that will be added to the product.

Natural CBD Oils

When compared to other means of ingestion, it is believed that consuming natural CBD oil brings the most of the benefits attributed to hemp products. Without extra ingredients like vanilla oil, for example, you receive purer and higher concentrated CBD in each drop. Users describe the taste of natural CBD oil as herbal, earthy, nutty, or grassy. While the aroma may be sharp and strong, some broad-spectrum oils may be a bit softer in taste.

Natural CBD oil, although loved by many, may not be a suitable option for everyone. Its strong natural odor may drive some users away, especially since it’s recommended to keep it under your tongue for a while for maximum efficiency. To those who do not enjoy the natural scent and taste, the hemp industry offers a variety of flavored oils.

Flavored CBD Oils

Flavored oils are the alternative for those who are willing to use CBD oils but do not with to experience the earthy flavor of natural hemp.

Flavored oils have a significantly softer taste and odor. To make the taste even milder, some manufacturers use solvents and heat when extracting the CBD. Although the taste may be improved because of the more intense flavor, such a process may affect the natural components of the oil and reduce its concentration.

While flavored oils are usually equally as natural as non-flavored oils, some flavor options on the market divert from the all-organic composition of the oils. If you are a fan of living green and using organic products, steer clear of unnatural flavors such as bubble gum. Instead, choose among the numerous natural options.

It is important to note that flavored CBD oils should differ in their taste and aroma only. The composition of the CBD oil itself should be the same except for the flavoring ingredient.

To ensure you are getting a quality and organic product, always remember to check the ingredient list before making your purchase. The oils should not contain any artificial flavors or colors. While such ingredients are acceptable for edible CBD products, a high-quality CBD oil should contain natural ingredients only.

Mint Flavor

A mint flavored CBD oil may offer you unparalleled freshness compared to any other available option. The natural mint extract masks the odor of the cannabidiol and hemp without being excessive. Mint flavored CBD is the preferred choice for users looking for an alternative taste of the oil.

Vanilla Flavor

Vanilla-infused CBD oil is an excellent option for those looking for a soothing sweet flavor. Vanilla flavors are created by extracting the oils from vanilla beans. When balanced properly, the natural oil added to the hemp tincture creates a lovely and calming scent and amazingly soft taste.

Citrus Flavor

A citrus flavor is a suitable option for those looking for something more refreshing. The smooth taste is usually due to orange, lemon, or lime extract mixed with the hemp. Depending on the manufacturer and the oil’s balance, the taste may be sweet, sour, or a bit of both.

Berry Flavor

Who doesn’t love berries? Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, or forest fruit combinations. The sharp, sweet, and aromatic berry scent blends perfectly with the earthy taste of the hemp extract. This delicious flavor is popular not only for oils but for other products such as gummy bears as well.

Cinnamon Flavor

Cinnamon is another popular flavoring option. The sweet and savory flavor attracts many users looking for something more exotic. Consumers usually describe the taste as smoky and aromatic. Still, for those looking for something softer, cinnamon may not be the most suitable option since the flavor and odor of cinnamon-infused oils are rather strong compared to other varieties.

Flavoring Your Own CBD Oil

Although the CBD market provides a significant variety of flavored options to choose from, you may still prefer a taste that is unavailable or simply hard to find. If you want to benefit from the usage of CBD oils but do not like the natural taste of hemp, here are three easy steps to create your own flavor.

  1. Purchase a cold-pressed flavored oil of your choosing. Cold-pressed oils are available at local natural food stores and come in many flavors such as caramel, cherry, and coffee. A high-quality oil will alter the taste without compromising the general composition. Since the mixture is to be consumed orally, remember to purchase only natural flavors to avoid any potential risks.
  2. Test the mixture first. Add a few drops of both the CBD and the flavor on the back of your hand or in a bowl and try it until you find the balance that works best for you.
  3. Mix it up. Once you’ve found how much flavor to use, add the flavor to the natural tincture slowly and shake the mixture well. Keep in mind that you may have to adjust the dosage in accordance with the dilution level.

Masking the Hemp Taste and Odor of Natural CBD Oil

If you prefer to avoid the natural taste and odor of the hemp but are not particularly a fan of flavored products, there are several ways for you to mask the hemp.

  • Have a drink afterward. Some water, iced tea, or even a smoothie right after you swallow the tincture will lessen the taste.
  • Eat some fruit. Some fruits are especially suitable for hiding unwanted odors. Apples and oranges are perfect if you wish to feel refreshed and mask the taste after your CBD intake.
  • Keep some breath mints around. A simple breath mint after CBD will smooth out the taste and will mask the odor significantly.
  • Use it as a cooking ingredient. One way to avoid the hemp taste and odor is to use it when preparing food. Keep in mind, however, that this will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the CBD. When you use the oil directly, experts recommend that you keep it under your tongue for a while before swallowing to get the most of each drop. When you use it as a        cooking ingredient, you lose direct contact with the CBD, and you will have to eat the entire meal to consume the full dosage.
  • Try a different product. If the above options don’t work for you, consider switching to a different CBD product. Capsules, gummy bears, caramels, and lozenges are just a few of the options available for users who wish to avoid the hemp-specific flavor.

Should You Buy Natural or Flavored CBD?

There is no unambiguous answer to whether you should buy natural or flavored CBD. It all depends on your personal taste and preferences.

Some users enjoy the herbal taste of natural CBD, while others prefer something softer. Some prefer using highly concentrated CBD oil, undiluted by extra ingredients, while others believe the difference in the effect is insignificant.

To find the best option for you, we recommend trying a few different options. If you haven’t used CBD oil before, you may wish to start with a natural CBD and see how you like the taste for yourself. If it turns out to be too strong, you may opt for a flavored CBD of your choosing.

Are you ready to test the taste and effectiveness of CBD for yourself? Be sure that the CBD products you purchase are from a trusted source. At, every product we offer is GMO-free, organic, and tested in a third-party laboratory.

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