What Are the Most Popular CBD Cosmetics in 2020?

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The CBD market has enjoyed considerable growth over the past few years, and CBD skincare is one of the most promising market segments. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular CBD cosmetic products for 2020.

A growing number of companies and products will continue to enter the market now that the new Farm Bill was passed by Congress in 2018. The bill legalized hemp and hemp-based products provided their THC quantity is 0.3% or lower. Manufacturers are now free to create new cosmetic formulas with CBD as an ingredient. Following are some of the products to look for in the coming months.

Under-Eye Puffiness Balms

Puffiness and dark circles showing under our eyes appears as a sign of tiredness when we haven’t slept enough, and the situation doesn’t get better with aging.

Although it hasn’t been scientifically confirmed, some users have reported that CBD balms may have anti-inflammatory properties. However, under-eye puffiness balms usually contain other ingredients with antibacterial characteristics that are capable of boosting skin regeneration.

These formulas are usually infused with essential oils that add a pleasant aroma, and also include vitamins that can help improve skin appearance. Depending on the formula, the eye balm might be suitable for puffiness caused by sleep deprivation and allergies.


Apart from nurturing your skin, CBD cosmetics may also help improve your appearance by boosting your makeup routine. Instead of using traditional mascara, you might use one infused with hemp-derived oil.

Some users of these products have claimed that hemp oil contributes to a healthy skin appearance by providing additional volume and hydration. You should, however, choose products designed by reputable brands to help ensure application and removal is easy. If you are looking for volume and user-friendly mascara, this is a solution worth checking out.

Face Oil

CBD oil is a plant-based ingredient derived from the hemp plant. You can find it in numerous herbal formulas aimed to protect your face from harmful environmental factors.

The idea behind CBD-infused skin care products is the same as that of other cosmetic products—a blend of carefully chosen ingredients are combined into a formula that works to keep your face youthful, and help your skin look smooth and radiant. Depending on the product, it may also help protect you from environmental stressors, and boost skin hydration.

It is not unusual for people to deal with dry skin and other skin issues. As we age, skin aging signs like dullness, fine lines, and other imperfections can develop. Face oil formulas aim to reduce these signs of aging. Those who use CBD oil infused skincare formulas hope to gain improved skin hydration through the use of plant-based formulas containing natural ingredients. Alcohol-based compounds and certain other components might irritate your skin, especially if your skin is sensitive. We recommend looking for premium CBD cosmetics and formulas that are suitable even for sensitive skin.

Body Lotion

A quality body lotion might help those who endure physical stress and are looking for muscle relief. If you are a professional athlete, chances are you are going through intense training sessions frequently. Even if you are only a healthy lifestyle fan, working out can make you exhausted and cause muscle strains and soreness.

Although more scientific research is needed before the effects of CBD body lotion are known, some users have claimed that body creams and lotions containing CBD helped them to experience body and muscle relief. Whether you are recovering from injury, or your feet are aching from running and walking, CBD can easily be applied topically to specific areas of your body.

Body lotion ingredients other than CBD oil are also important. For example, shea butter might provide a soothing effect for your skin and calm irritation and redness. Other herbal-based ingredients loaded with vitamins and other nutrients are also desirable. Squalane and hyaluronic acid can promote hydration and help to lock in moisture.

Topically-applied CBD products act much faster than capsules and edibles, so you might experience any potential benefits very quickly after you apply the lotion.

Lip Balms

Having glossy lips free of cracks and chips can be difficult if you live in a windy or cold climate, or if you have a tendency to bite your lips.

If you could use help optimizing the appearance of your lips, or if you notice that they are frequently chapped and dry, you might want to try a lip balm. While lip balms aren’t a new invention, many manufacturers recently started to add CBD oil. These convenient products let you enjoy the healing benefits of lip balm combined with the effects of CBD.

We recommend looking for solutions that are free of paraben, which can be a potentially harmful compound. That is especially true if you often bite your lips. Natural and herbal-based ingredients are, in our opinion, a better choice. Suggested products include moringa butter, jojoba oil, and shea butter. Or, if you are looking for texture and color, you can try mango or cocoa butter.

Although most of us apply these balms only when we feel our lips are in need, some people use them as a part of their nightly routine.

Bath Bombs

The popularity of bath bombs is rising, and very little can compare to relaxing in your bath after a long and tiring day. A bath bomb filled with essential oils and other natural ingredients can release aromas that help soothe your body and mind.

We already discussed that one of the potential CBD effects being investigated is pain and muscle relief. This fits perfectly with bath bombs, which are designed to help provide overall relaxation. If you are having problems sleeping, a relaxing bath might be just what you need ahead of bedtime.

Sleep Mask

Sleep masks are intended to help combat the aging effects that might be visible on your skin. Additionally, they can help promote a healthy glow and radiance.

If you are looking for skin elasticity and youthfulness, look for formulas that contain collagen. Alternatively, you can select ingredients that may boost collagen production, such as vitamin C. If the manufacturer adds CBD to the formula, it may make the product even more effective.

CBD Soaps

CBD soaps are available with a wide range of added scents, from soothing mint to energetic fruity aromas.

Some reports indicate that CBD or whole flower hemp extract added to the formula may help promote skin hydration. While scientific research has not yet definitively proven those claims, other compounds in the formula will help hydrate your skin and lessen irritation.

Oils derived from other plants are botanical ingredients worth adding to a soap formula. Try to ensure the soap doesn’t have any compounds that may irritate your hands, including artificial fragrances.

Exfoliating Cleansers

If you want to optimize your skin appearance, it is important to apply nourishing ingredients and clean it regularly. A cleansing treatment can help ensure that you remove dead cells, which promotes skin youthfulness and long-term skin health.

CBD Shampoos

With the many CBD skincare products on the market, it is surprising that more shampoos aren’t already available. Apart from CBD oil, you can also find pure hemp seed oil, which is a plant-based conditioning agent. A healthy dose of antioxidants from other herbal extracts might also help to keep your hair safe from oxidative stress. That way, you preserve its health and promote growth and volume.

Choose A Trustworthy CBD Dealer

Always be certain that the CBD products you purchase are from a trusted source. At buyCBDproducts.com, every product we offer is GMO-free, organic, and tested in a third-party laboratory.

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