What Artists Are Using CBD in 2020?

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CBD is arguably the most popular of the over 100 compounds found in the hemp plant. Definitive results from scientific research is still too scarce to make any concrete claims concerning the effects of CBD, but some users have mentioned multiple perceived benefits of CBD. You can even find numerous artists using CBD, and that is what we will discuss in this article.

If you are wondering why artists would be using CBD, some have explained that they take it for multiple reasons. You can find experts speaking about the potential of CBD to inspire creativity. The connection to the cannabis plant has somewhat suppressed the research, but many users clearly believe that they have experienced positive effects.

We all experience stress, and artists are not an exception. It is not easy to enter a studio and create magic if you are burdened with stress, or anxious about an upcoming performance. In those situations, many artists turn to CBD in hopes of finding anxiety and stress relief.

Without anxiety to hold you back, you’ll be able to boost your creativity because you can focus on what you should be doing. Some artists claim that CBD helps them to achieve a creative mindset.

While we are discussing reducing anxiety as one of the potential effects of CBD, let’s mention that some perceive it as being potentially beneficial ahead of public performances and competitions. For example, you might be a ballet dancer participating in your first show in front of a crowd. Hundreds of people could be waiting in the audience to see your performance, and that could lead to anxiousness. That is where some who have tried CBD claim it could help. By reducing anxiety, it can improve better performance and help you to focus. It’s important to note, of course, that these are simply the reports of individual users. They aren’t scientifically confirmed yet, nor is CBD approved by the FDA for treatment of such issues.

Another potential effect of CBD is helping to feel pain relief. We already mentioned that more clinical trials are needed to confirm these benefits, but thousands of users claim that cannabidiol-based products can have the same effect as certain OTC medications. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that CBD doesn’t generally cause harm or have the abuse potential that comes with opioid painkillers. Since the WHO is one of the most respected global authorities in the industry, their recommendation to avoid scheduling CBD as a controlled substance internationally contributed to the increased popularity of this compound.

You can try multiple CBD products to see whether you experience pain relief. Some users prefer topical CBD applications applied to specific areas. Others have selected CBD oil, or even edibles and beverages. But how can this help artists using CBD?

Guitarists might suffer a muscle strain right before their performance. That might prevent them from having the freedom of movement they would like. In turn, that compromises their performance and stops them from showing the audience what they can do. That is why they resort to trying CBD in hopes that it will help them perform up to expectations.

Now that we know some of the reasons why CBD is popular in the world of artists, let’s see which of them are using cannabidiol.


You might think that rock and pop stars have no complaints with their luxurious lifestyles. While it can be enjoyable to perform and meet the fans, there is also extensive travel, demanding studio sessions, etc. The high pace of this life has led some musicians to try CBD. Here is how some of them felt about it.

Snoop Dogg

You surely know the famous producer and rapper Snoop Dogg. While you wouldn’t be surprised about his connections to cannabis, it might be surprising to find out that Snoop Dogg is also a huge fan of CBD.

He uses almost every opportunity to speak about the potential of cannabidiol. A company Snoop Dogg owns recently started a CBD flower line. The fact that he invested in the industry is an indicator that the rapper believed in the compound.

Melissa Etheridge

If you are into country and rock, you are probably familiar with Melissa Etheridge. Health problems led her to become a huge supporter of both medical marijuana and CBD. The musician had to deal with breast cancer in 2004, and she explains CBD was a part of her daily routine during treatment. Etheridge has spoken about how this compound helped her endure the battle. The outcome was positive, and she is still a frequent CBD user.


Rihanna is an example of how you can use your popularity to advocate for relaxed regulations and laws for CBD and medical marijuana. She doesn’t hesitate to speak about the topic and notes that she has been using cannabis for recreational and medical reasons. However, when Rihanna speaks about relaxing the laws, it is mostly for medical reasons.

Olivia Newton-John

Olivia acted with John Travolta in the classic movie Grease. The singer didn’t hesitate to endorse cannabidiol as part of her public fight against breast cancer. Olivia’s daughter revealed that the singer believes she will come out as a winner of the cancer battle that has lasted for years. The singer uses cannabidiol in an effort to experience pain relief, which can be important during the treatment process.

Barbara Streisand

Here is another star that we’ve loved for decades. You are surely familiar with the hits that Barbra Streisand performed during her career. Streisand talked about using marijuana and how other actors and singers joined her in the process. She never was a fan of pills and liquor, but Streisand is a fan of CBD.

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If we are talking about artists using CBD, we can’t skip mentioning actors. You can find many celebrities that are both acting in movies and singing with their bands. Following are some of the most popular film stars who have a reputation for supporting cannabidiol.

Morgan Freeman

Freeman is well-known for his voice, and you can’t deny his amazing acting skills. However, the actor revealed that he has been dealing with fibromyalgia for over a year. The condition includes muscle and bone pain, fatigue, and even cognitive disturbances.

Freeman has stated that CBD has been helping him daily. According to the actor, cannabidiol helps him to experience pain relief. That is the reason why he has been a supporter of legalizing medical cannabis.

Michael J Fox

The famous actor has been dealing with Parkinson’s disease for years now. The star of Back to the Future movies would certainly like to travel through time and contribute to CBD and cannabis legalization. Until that’s possible, he can talk about what CBD did for him. According to what Fox said, cannabidiol has helped prolong his acting career.

Kim Kardashian

Some readers might not agree with labeling Kim Kardashian as an actress, but you can’t deny that she is popular. As a celebrity, Kardashian can do a lot for the CBD industry, and it seems the advertisers understand that.

If you are watching Kim’s show regularly, you might have noticed that one of her children, Psalm West, had a baby shower with a CBD theme.

Tommy Chong

The Canadian comedian is probably the most famous for his role on That ‘70s Show. Chong received bad news when a prostate cancer diagnosis was given to him in 2010. At that point, Chong decided that he could change the world for the better. Since then, he has used every opportunity to talk about cannabis and CBD legalization.

Seth Rogen

If you are a fan of comedy, you’ve likely watched Pineapple Express, Superbad, or The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Each of these movies had something in common: Seth Rogen.

Rogen is a multi-talented actor who has been writing, producing, and acting for decades now. He is particularly active in speaking about the potential usefulness of CBD for managing Alzheimer’s disease. Rogen has a non-profit charity, and has even spoke in front of Congress about the importance of legalizing cannabis.

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