How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel? A Closer Look

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In This Article

We know you have lots of questions about CBD oil. Below we take a closer look into the most frequently asked questions about our products.

In this Article:

  1. Will CBD oil make me high?
  2. What’s the difference between Hemp and Marijuana?
  3. So CBD oil really won’t make me high?
  4. How does CBD make you feel?
  5. How does CBD oil work?
  6. Is Full Spectrum CBD better?

Will CBD oil make me high?

No, CBD Oil will not make you ‘high.’

This is because it does not have enough of the compound that gets people ‘high’ when they use marijuana. You’ve probably heard anecdotal evidence that CBD caused someone to feel intoxicated or ‘high.’ This is usually caused by purchasing unknown products.

Consumer Studies have shown that unknown products had THC levels as low as 0% but, worryingly, also as high as 10%. They often had little or no information on the packaging to tell you about the oil itself. Unsuspecting people take these ‘oils’ claiming to be CBD and suffer adverse side effects.

In an unregulated market, knowing your product source is important. All products on our site are tested by a third-party laboratory, with test results uploaded to the unique packaging details of each product we ship. Testing is conducted on a per-batch basis to ensure quality and efficacy.

What’s the difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

Both Hemp and Marijuana come from the same Cannabis sativa plant.

  • Hemp classifies as Cannabis sativa containing less than 0.3% THC
  • Marijuana classifies as Cannabis sativa containing more than 0.3%.THC

Hemp has been farmed and cultivated for hundreds of years for both textiles and nutrition.
Marijuana is cultivated to cause intoxication or a ‘high.’

So CBD oil really won’t make me high?

When a cannabis plant contains high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, known as THC, it is classified as marijuana.

THC is in the psychoactive family of compounds. Marijuana can contain up to 80% THC, and it’s this high content that intoxicates and causes the ‘high’ feeling.

CBD oil comes from the flowers and leaves of the Hemp plant and has less than 0.3% THC. While chemists classify Hemp as a psychoactive compound, it is also classified as non-intoxicating.

How does CBD make you feel?

When taking CBD oil, everyone will experience slight differences in response.
Let’s hear from some users of CBD oil, Susan and Lucas.

Susan, an architect, has used CBD oil for the last 2 months. She found it reduced the anxiety that kept her awake at night, worrying about work projects. Susan takes 2-3 drops after her evening meal and later, enjoys a good night’s sleep. She wakes up feeling calm and focused, ready to face the day ahead in her busy practice.

Lucas is a software team leader and dad of two teenagers. Lucas has used CBD oil for 6 months based on his wife Jess’s recommendation. Lucas tells us that while he hasn’t noticed any specific change in his physical health, he feels an overall mood improvement. Jess says that he comes home from work much more relaxed than before. Lucas agrees that he feels calmer. Lucas started at 2-3 drops at night and gradually increased to 7-8 drops.

Susan and Lucas both feel they have benefited from CBD oil. Susan said it takes about 2 hours for her to feel a calming effect of taking CBD. Lucas said, taking his drops just before bed works great for him.

How does CBD oil work?

CBD oil works with the body’s Endocannabinoid System that controls your body’s homeostasis. Homeostasis is a system of pathways in your body that maintain your health and well-being. It achieves this by maintaining and adjusting the biochemical pathways that connect all the body’s systems and organs.

The molecules that connect these pathways are cannabinoids. This is why it’s thought that CBD oil can calm and relax the body so well because it contains so many plant cannabinoids.

Is Full Spectrum CBD better?

Full-spectrum oils are better than isolates CBD oils because they contain the full range, or spectrum, of healthy hemp plant cannabinoids.

When extracting the cannabinoid compounds from the hemp plant, the entire extract is taken. This includes the 0.1 – 0.3% of THC compound, but as we now know, that is non-intoxicating.

Here at Buy CBD Products, we only sell Full Spectrum CBD.

Have you tried CBD oil? Let us know in the comment section below!

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